The Grand Debut: “Meet Your Mentor”

On Wednesday evening, Launch22 held its first ever “Meet Your Mentor” event. This was a fantastic opportunity for members and potential new members to meet the mentors here at Launch22 Liverpool and hear some of the great advice that they had to provide.

With any successful event, there is no better way to greet your guests than with pizza and beer! As the event began it gave our guests a chance to meet each other and also have a tour of the Liverpool HQ. Here at Launch22 there are workspaces available for our members to use, not forgetting the rooftop area that overlooks the beautiful city!

At Launch22 we don’t just provide a wonderful working space to our members, but also offer support and advice from your own personal mentors. Each of our mentors bring an array of different skills and expertise to their fields, from psychology to finance, and on Wednesday they were here to discuss their experiences and answer any questions.

Panel: Mark Russell (Marketing), Pauline Mora (Founder Liverpool Naturopath and Dynamic Dyslexics), Neil Donald (Brand and Business Development), Marie Burns (researcher, psychologist and producer), Ian Smith (IBM Global Technology Services), Matthew Brown (Accounting and Finance Solutions), Jonathan Rourke (Founder Rock Advisory Limited).

For Marie Burns, here at Launch22 it’s all about ‘connecting and building and relationships.’ It could simply be having a chat in the workspace or even a game of Ping-Pong, Launch22’s communal environment allows you to meet and network with other businesses as well as growing your own. As Matthew Brown recognises, it’s important to work with different people, and it’s a ‘great way of opening up different avenues.’

Whether it’s a start-up or even a career, everyone has to start somewhere. Jonathan Rourke, having set up his own company explained how he ‘understands what it’s like to start from scratch’ and can provide an insight into what he has experienced.

Similarly Mark Russell is a member-turned-mentor, with a wealth of Marketing knowledge. Mark can provide you with help and guidance about how you can effectively market your company, as well as sharing his own experiences of being at Launch22!

We love to see members developing their ideas and opportunities, and our mentors can get inspired too! Neil Donald discussed how his time as a mentor has inspired him through meeting new people with business ideas, and likewise being a soundboard for people, ‘When I’m mentoring I want to help people reach the conclusions that they want to.’

Our mentors are here to help you, and it’s important to ask questions, that’s what they’re here for! Ian Smith who has always been ‘captivated by the space and environment’ of Launch22, recalls reading the insightful book The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer. The book emphasises the importance of not being afraid to seek support and help, which is something that Ian also strongly believes is key throughout any stages of running a business.

The mentors were asked ‘What is the most important advice you have been given?’ Marie emphasised how crucial it is to stay true to yourself, ‘Step into who you are and be you. You’ll find your magic and your strengths.’ This way people can get to know the real you, and can engage with you and your ideas.

As well as believing in your abilities, it is also vital to show your passion for your business, Pauline Mora reiterates, ‘If your heart is really in what you want to do, then throughout all sacrifices you have to make, the ultimate advice is never give up!’

The audience had a chance to participate in the discussion and direct their own questions to the panel. As the event came to a close, there was further opportunity to network with other attendees and the mentors, and reflect on the insightful discussions from the evening.

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Tori Erskine