March Member of the Month

Jackson of Newsham Media is our member of the month! He's been through a roller-coaster ride of decisions and has finally got himself on his feet and started his own business. Read below to find out what he's been through and what's lined up for him in the future!

How did you get into digital marketing?

It was a bit of an accident actually! I was at John Moores university about to do a placement year when I saw an advert for a search optimisation marketing assistant at, what was then, Mede investment in Manchester. I had no idea what search optimisation was but I had already done an accountancy degree at university. If I didn’t take this job I would have to extend another year of university totalling 5 years and that didn’t really tickle my fancy. So I did this interview, as my girlfriend was pulling my arm to, and now I have basically been doing it ever since 2011!


How long have you been working at your business?

Officially it launched in October but I’ve been working full time for 7 weeks now!


Wow, so it’s a brand new company! How do you feel about setting up camp in Launch22 since you’ve started full time?

I was looking for somewhere to work - I couldn’t work at home because it’s way too comfy so I needed somewhere to work that was motivating. I was going to go to the Baltic but Launch22 is way more convenient. It’s a great space; I get internet, I get to meet people and it’s not expensive so it’s perfect. Even if you’re looking to scale quickly there’s so much desk space which allows an option for actual office space.


Is that something in the pipeline, to expand?

I’d like to think so, absolutely. I’m still learning the business side of things so it is very new to me but there’s a few things in the pipeline at the minute. I have a friend who is looking for a career change, who used to be in sales but isn’t any more so there is potential to employ. I always imagined that the first person I can employ, if it gets to that stage (touch wood), would be someone to do what I do so I wouldn’t have to do it anymore. Yet I’ve quite quickly found out that I enjoy doing what I do rather than sitting on LinkedIn all day.


So we have chosen you for member of the month at Launch22, how do you feel about this?

Apparently, I get involved quite a lot which is not something I have been known for in the past! I think starting a business has made me realise that you have to get out there – I spent 5 months in my notice period writing blog posts everyday on paid search optimisation. I quickly realised they take too long to write and there are so many out there which makes it harder to cut through, and so now I make videos. After those 5 months I realised that I should have been out networking and meeting people. In my current position, I want to do a talk for the Talk22 event which sounds really interesting. I’ve been offering to do one for a little bit now – if I could do one now and look back at it, say in three months, and reflect on the journey that I’ve been through and compare it to the person I used to be.


Well we look forward to your talk22 event!

As do I!


So, 7 weeks isn’t a long time but, have you had any career highs within the launch of your business?

Getting good feedback from clients is always nice – we’ve have some positive feedback and good results. That sort of tends to be the limit of what I get proud of so far. This may sound cheesy but it’s amazing learning something new and I really am enjoying what I’m doing. I never thought I’d start a business but I always spoke about doing it. Handing my notice in to a job that I really liked and taking the plunge to open my business was something totally new.


So that was that the ultimate point of return?

Yeah definitely – they all thought I was going to change my mind but I was absolutely set that I was going to go through with it! So I’m happy about that result. Naturally.


So do you feel that you’re a changed person now?

Yes, I was a bit more apprehensive towards my work ethic. I kept thinking to myself what could I possibly contribute? But now I’m pretty proud of myself putting myself out there. I now upload 3 videos a week on YouTube where I talk about paid search and I actually post them on the internet on LinkedIn and Facebook where people I know can see me doing it – so if you were to ever tell me to do all this a year ago, I’d panic haha. So I’m very proud of where I am now.