Thornton Legal — A Launch22 Success Story

Joe Rees and Nick Tappin founded their recruitment company in 2016 and have now been with us at Launch22 for just over a year. Their business has been successfully accelerated towards the next level and as a result of this, they are now moving onwards and upwards to fulfil the next step of their business venture.


We had a chat with Nick, the co-founder of Thornton Legal, and asked him about their experience at Launch22 and how we helped them and their business grow.

What do you guys do here at Launch22?

We own a boutique recruitment business focusing on the legal market in the North West. We recruit for law firms and recruit & bring paralegals and solicitors primarily out of Liverpool, Chester, Manchester and everywhere else in between.

How has your experience been?

Really positive! We’ve been here for 12 months, started the business in 2016 working out of Joe’s front room for the first couple of months.

Like any other successful rock band then!

Absouletly! We started off very small. We did reasonably well and we made a couple of decent placements which allowed us to move to Launch22.

Joe and I love the work space — we find that it’s a really creative and positive environment. It’s full of nice people who are always happy to help with any queries regarding the practicalities of running a business.

How did you find the facilities at Launch22?

We started working on the hot-desks which are fantastic, really good. My only problem was that my bottom got really numb after sitting on them for a while! Definitely need some cushions — it suits some people/doesn’t suit some people ha-ha.

More cushions… Noted!

But we wanted something a little bit more permanent hence why we opted for the personal desks in the corner of the room. We made that space our own, we didn’t get bothered by anybody, it’s reasonably quiet but if it does get a bit buzzy in the office you have that option to tap in to that vibe too. The people are friendly so we can’t fault it as a place to be for a period of time.

So, would you say we have matched your needs for your start-up company?

Completely. It is relatively inexpensive compared to other options in the market. Hypothetically, if you’re a start-up with two people in a closed office environment, growing your business can get quite isolating. So, to be in a fun working environment like this makes it conducive.

Matt was great, Nat was great and all the new people have been really great too. Location-wise is absolutely ideal — all or most of our clients are based within the city. We also get parking out back and took advantage of the rooftop terrace last year doing yoga and pilates in the sun with YinYan which was fantastic. So, we relished the opportunity to take advantage of all the perks that you offer!


What’s in store for the future?

We are moving to a self-contained office in Cotton Exchange with scope to bring two or three people over the next six to twelve months to grow further. There was three of us in January but we parted ways with that individual in beginning of March, but the plan is very much to push on and bring in junior recruits. It’s just a case of finding the right individuals and people we can buy into in terms of personality. It’s been a fantastic a year being here but as we grow experience is telling us that we need a self-contained office space as we reach the next level of our business so we can deal with confidential meetings, HR and so on.

Would you class Launch22 as the perfect stepping stone?

Yeah definitely. Anybody we speak to who was in the same boat as us from 12 months ago, we are happy to recommend Launch22 as a platform for them to grow their business because it’s been a positive, engaging environment for us to find ourselves in. We have grown the business as a direct result of that and so, we have Launch22 to thank. Not to mention the value for money — you’re not going to find anything else better in Liverpool.

Is there anything that you are going to miss?

Yes! The people, the environment and the ping pong table, for sure. We’ll be sad to leave that behind. Joe and I have probably spent too long on the table the past 12 months. Not that that is the reason we are leaving! It’s a welcoming distraction.

We couldn’t agree more! We recently did a blog on the benefits of having a ping pong table in the office.

Yeah it’s great. It refreshes the mind and wakes you up after a long session at the desk, so we’re going to miss that while we’re gone and may have to invest in one when we move into our new space ourselves.

Thank you for choosing Launch22 as your start up incubator and we wish you all the success with the future of your business!

It’s been a pleasure!


Personal desks are ready and available for the taking here at Launch22. If you’re looking to accelerate the growth of your business then click here to find out how you can become a member and take your start-up to the next level.