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Our latest ‘60 Seconds With’ feature showcases our very own Mentor, Pauline Moran! After discovering she was dyslexic on her return to University as a mature student, Pauline has dedicated herself to facilitating fellow dyslexic and right-brained dominant creatives in the world of entrepreneurship using a variety of approaches. Read about her story and what makes her tick below!

 Pauline hard at work here at Launch22.

Pauline hard at work here at Launch22.

When did you first get involved in business/entrepreneurship?

I was actually an entrepreneur at the age of just six! I was always designing and making products and I would sell them to our neighbours. During the school holidays, I recruited my siblings to help with the sales and we formed our own little family industry.

Quite an early starter then! Where did you go from there?

I originally studied fashion textile design yet ended up selling graphic design in some up-market locations in London such as Covent Garden and The King’s Road. One Christmas, one of my products filled the double window display of one of London’s most well-known card shops. After getting into yoga and meditation, I decided to follow a completely different career in natural medicine- something I had dreamt about vividly as a child. I then took five years out and moved to Spain to decide exactly which health discipline I wanted to follow.

Tell us about your life abroad.

I booked an apartment in the south of Spain for six weeks which transformed into a fabulous four years in Andalusia plus a year in Italy teaching English. I had hoped to get a job in a teaching academy but within two years I had developed my own private language teaching business. I finished this break off with a five-week trip to India which was the final influence on my choice to become a naturopath.

What next?

I spent eight years at University then came home to Liverpool to crash at my Mum and Dad’s house. During the process of attempting to set up my own clinic, I recognised there was a huge gap in provision for dyslexic entrepreneurs. The facilitation I provide needs to start at school as a career option. 

What drives you?

I’m driven in my business because I am passionate about improving the opportunities and facilities available to dyslexic/ right-brained dominant entrepreneurs. Research has shown that more than one third of entrepreneurs are dyslexic. Many bright, creative kids are lost in mainstream education- I am committed to changing this!

What is your proudest career achievement?
I have two! One would be moving to Spain without a job, knowing only two words of Spanish and starting a business. Four years, later I was able to hand the enterprise over I had developed to someone else. 
The second would be finally achieving my degree in naturopathy. Converting from arts to science was a struggle for this particular right-brain dominant!

How do you relax in your spare time?

I teach meditation once a week for free as a sort of giving back gesture and it’s something I get a lot back from too. I have a good social life and particularly enjoy dining with friends. I also enjoy the social element of working with Launch22. The other real passion of mine is traveling.

Speaking of travelling, where is your dream holiday destination?

Tough question! I have three. One would be Marrakesh in Morocco and happily, two airlines have just started flying there from Liverpool. I’d also love to visit Belize as I have friends there. Finally, Venice during the quiet season for its culture and promised romance!

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