Top 5 Tips For Staying Motivated

Lacking a little motivation is something we are all familiar with. Even if you are an entrepreneur or freelancer doing something you love, you may still find yourself distracted, overwhelmed and uninspired at times. Although this is a frustrating yet completely normal human experience, I have gathered 5 tips that will shake you out of that funk. Or better still, stop you from falling into it in the first place.


These tips have come from our members at Launch22 Liverpool, a bit of research, and my own experience as a University student. The fact that there is so much information online tells me that this is an extremely common struggle. You never know when you are going to hit a mental wall and it is easy to get overwhelmed and over think your workload. Here are the top 5 tips in no particular order for creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups.


1. Wake Up Early


Yes, one of the pros of working for yourself is that you can get up whenever you want, but many of our members would recommend getting up early. The sooner you get started, the less likely you are to get distracted or lose momentum. Establishing a quick morning routine can also get you in the right frame of mind for your working day.


2. Write To-Do Lists


Listing your tasks, or simply scripting out your day, can be both helpful and satisfying. Ticking off tasks as you go is a good way of visualising your accomplishments. You could make your list at night, so you wake up knowing exactly what needs to be done and when. Our members would also suggest doing the difficult/‘bad’ tasks first, otherwise they will be playing on your mind all day. Leave the easier/‘good’ tasks for later when your working day is coming to an end. Giving your tasks a time frame can help you keep on top of things and manage your time efficiently. You might even realise that some tasks are unnecessary and can be discarded.

 Closeup image of notepad with pen.

3. Establish Your Working Environment


Being able to differentiate between your work and your personal life is important, but can be difficult to do. This is where co-working spaces like Launch22 come in! When asking our members for tips, it is clear that spending their weekdays at Launch22 massively helps them to stay focused. Being able to meet and communicate with people who are working in a similar way was top of the list of benefits. We have a blog post on the importance of collaborative working if you want to know more! However, if co-working spaces are not an option and working at home is better for you, there are plenty of ways to do that. Set aside a fuss-free area in your home, use plugins to stop yourself from visiting other sites, and remove all distractions. Whatever you do, do not work where you sleep!


4. Take Your Breaks


Although these are the top 5 tips to stay motivated, it is obviously important to give yourself a break. Sometimes you have to accept that something is not working for you and there is a reason why you feel stuck or uninspired. Switching things up can help you understand what the problem is or just give your brain the break it needs. You will return to your work feeling refreshed and with a new perspective. Here at Launch22, our members will go outside for walks or vacate to our social area where there are comfy seats, swings, drinks and snacks, they can chat or play a game of ping pong. Ping pong is a great way to get those creative juices flowing.


5. Reflect


Taking the time to reflect on your past achievements and your purpose can be a great way to inspire yourself. You have surely chosen something you enjoy, so take a moment to remind yourself why. In an effort to push forward and work hard, we can often forget how far we have come and how we got to this point. Look back over your goals, check your stats, and consider where your work could take you next. This should be an exciting prospect to get you going!



Words by Jessica Greenall