Thornton Legal — A Launch22 Success Story

Joe Rees and Nick Tappin founded their recruitment company in 2016 and have now been with us at Launch22 for just over a year. Their business has been successfully accelerated towards the next level and as a result of this, they are now moving onwards and upwards to fulfil the next step of their business venture.


We had a chat with Nick, the co-founder of Thornton Legal, and asked him about their experience at Launch22 and how we helped them and their business grow.

What do you guys do here at Launch22?

We own a boutique recruitment business focusing on the legal market in the North West. We recruit for law firms and recruit & bring paralegals and solicitors primarily out of Liverpool, Chester, Manchester and everywhere else in between.

How has your experience been?

Really positive! We’ve been here for 12 months, started the business in 2016 working out of Joe’s front room for the first couple of months.

Like any other successful rock band then!

Absouletly! We started off very small. We did reasonably well and we made a couple of decent placements which allowed us to move to Launch22.

Joe and I love the work space — we find that it’s a really creative and positive environment. It’s full of nice people who are always happy to help with any queries regarding the practicalities of running a business.

How did you find the facilities at Launch22?

We started working on the hot-desks which are fantastic, really good. My only problem was that my bottom got really numb after sitting on them for a while! Definitely need some cushions — it suits some people/doesn’t suit some people ha-ha.

More cushions… Noted!

But we wanted something a little bit more permanent hence why we opted for the personal desks in the corner of the room. We made that space our own, we didn’t get bothered by anybody, it’s reasonably quiet but if it does get a bit buzzy in the office you have that option to tap in to that vibe too. The people are friendly so we can’t fault it as a place to be for a period of time.

So, would you say we have matched your needs for your start-up company?

Completely. It is relatively inexpensive compared to other options in the market. Hypothetically, if you’re a start-up with two people in a closed office environment, growing your business can get quite isolating. So, to be in a fun working environment like this makes it conducive.

Matt was great, Nat was great and all the new people have been really great too. Location-wise is absolutely ideal — all or most of our clients are based within the city. We also get parking out back and took advantage of the rooftop terrace last year doing yoga and pilates in the sun with YinYan which was fantastic. So, we relished the opportunity to take advantage of all the perks that you offer!


What’s in store for the future?

We are moving to a self-contained office in Cotton Exchange with scope to bring two or three people over the next six to twelve months to grow further. There was three of us in January but we parted ways with that individual in beginning of March, but the plan is very much to push on and bring in junior recruits. It’s just a case of finding the right individuals and people we can buy into in terms of personality. It’s been a fantastic a year being here but as we grow experience is telling us that we need a self-contained office space as we reach the next level of our business so we can deal with confidential meetings, HR and so on.

Would you class Launch22 as the perfect stepping stone?

Yeah definitely. Anybody we speak to who was in the same boat as us from 12 months ago, we are happy to recommend Launch22 as a platform for them to grow their business because it’s been a positive, engaging environment for us to find ourselves in. We have grown the business as a direct result of that and so, we have Launch22 to thank. Not to mention the value for money — you’re not going to find anything else better in Liverpool.

Is there anything that you are going to miss?

Yes! The people, the environment and the ping pong table, for sure. We’ll be sad to leave that behind. Joe and I have probably spent too long on the table the past 12 months. Not that that is the reason we are leaving! It’s a welcoming distraction.

We couldn’t agree more! We recently did a blog on the benefits of having a ping pong table in the office.

Yeah it’s great. It refreshes the mind and wakes you up after a long session at the desk, so we’re going to miss that while we’re gone and may have to invest in one when we move into our new space ourselves.

Thank you for choosing Launch22 as your start up incubator and we wish you all the success with the future of your business!

It’s been a pleasure!


Personal desks are ready and available for the taking here at Launch22. If you’re looking to accelerate the growth of your business then click here to find out how you can become a member and take your start-up to the next level.

Ping Pong In The Workplace

Working in the office can become a stiff task, especially within a creative environment. We need something to get those creative juices flowing. The simple answer is a slightly sweaty game of ping pong. Yes, ping pong.



Typically to an older generation, the idea of hammering a ping pong ball across a table back and forth in a working environment may seem juvenile, disruptive or down right rude. Now that we are almost two decades into the 21st century, ping pong has almost become synonymous with start-up companies and in general young modern companies. It all simply boils down to introducing a stress reliever/work motivator hybrid. Yes, it is a simple and inanimate object. Yet a very effective inanimate object. The ping pong table exists in the office lending itself a purpose; to inject life and emotions into a human whom is not physically built to be sitting in front of a bright screen 8 hours a day.



I wanted to write about the common misconceptions associated with playing a game mid working day, attempting to break down those stagnant barriers surrounding the idea of having a ping pong table in the office. However, I found a plethora of articles by renowned neuroscientists and psychologists with Ph.D’s and other glittery accolades arriving at the same conclusion; that it is an excellent tool to help stimulate and develop the body & mind thus resulting in an upbeat and healthy work morale. I’m sure we can all agree that this can attract a happy lifestyle and from my personal experience, I couldn’t agree more.



Names like Dr Wendy Suzuki Ph. D and Dr Daniel Amen (a renowned member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology) both summed it up in these points:-

-       Increases alertness & concentration

-       Stimulates brain function

-       Develops tactical thinking skills

-       Allows for team building and better work relationships

The ping pong table allows for social opportunities and is often a great ice breaker. Stereotypically we can say goodbye to the quiet new kid in the office – instead, enter the Potently Powerful Ping Pong Prodigy Patrick! It is a great way to help introduce yourself to new people in the office, easily breaking down awkward social barriers – and the best thing about it? It doesn’t matter if you’re any good at it or not. It’s always a good laugh trying to teach someone how to hit a ball!

IMPACKT based in Launch22 Liverpool battling it out

IMPACKT based in Launch22 Liverpool battling it out


More seriously however, after an hour-long lunch break eating food and drinking fizzy soft drinks for example, blood-sugar level drops which leads to feeling fatigued. Sluggishness and sleepiness can find its way through the keyboard, onto your vitally-important-end-of-year-financial-report followed by a haze of confusion as your boss is spitting a variety of unpleasant words unfortunately beginning with P... Messy.


But, research suggests that after a 20-minute game with a tickle of competitive spirit, brain functionality increases and rational thinking is applied more. This all lends itself to developing strategical thinking within the workplace thus helping your company collaborate with fellow employees better, and ultimately, delivering quality results. Who’d have thought the ping pong table acts as such a great treatment?


Ethically speaking 20-minutes during work hours may already sound like a short lunch-break and really should only be played during a normal lunch-break. But even a five-minute game to 11 points can help deliver the same feeling. Not only that, but checking your surroundings to make sure you aren’t disturbing anyone is key. It can get rather loud and some words may be exchanged in a certain, natural manner.


Ping pong tables are also a great companion for the older employee – common feedback tells us they feel young again - springing energy into their work and even enjoying their job more. Dad, take note.


So, by introducing scientifically backed figures and adding professional opinions makes the ping pong table all-the-more welcoming in the office. Whether it is trying to beat your mates at work or taking a 5-minute break from the desk and computer. All-in-all it helps develop brain functions, gets you up and about but more importantly, it brings people together in an easy and upbeat fashion.

Game anyone?



Words by Adam Markiewicz











Empowering the Women of Liverpool

Empowering the Women of Liverpool

Wednesday 8th March marks International Women’s Day, an annual celebration of women throughout history, across all cultures, and their achievements.

The gender gap is growing with news that women earn 26.4% less globally and just 26% of jobs in digital sector are held by women; far below the overall workforce average of 47%. To combat these issues groups of women have surfaced across Liverpool to stamp out inequality and stir up the potential in local ladies. Keep reading to see how you can get involved.


The Ladies Network

We are pleased to announce Liverpool Ladies Network as one of our sponsors for our International Women’s Day event. LLN is a not-for-profit business network for professional women working within Liverpool and the City Region. Ran by a voluntary committee made up of local female professionals, the network is committed to the economic development of members’ businesses.

They hold five lunches per year with the purpose to provide a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment where like-minded women can meet new contacts, build valuable business relationships, and develop within Merseyside.


The Women in Business Network

Another sponsor we’re proud of having on board is the Women in Business Network. WIBN is a membership organisation for women who wish to gain new business opportunities through word of mouth. Members receive professional expertise and support, and encourage each other through collaboration.

Launched in 2005, WIBN has accelerated into an extensive network of local groups across the UK, continuing to grow through the franchising opportunities available. With over 2000 members and counting, they hold monthly meetings with business and expert enterprise advice.

To find out more of the services available,



Liverpool Girl Geeks

By 2040, it is estimated that only 1% of the tech sector will be female if there are no interventions. LGG are on a mission to change this by encouraging women to release their inner tech-genius’ with their wide range of events, courses, and workshops on offer to women and girls of all ages and backgrounds.

Co-founded by Chelsea Slater, Jo Morfee and Rebecca Jones, Liverpool Girl Geeks was born from the disparity between male and female representation in digital industries, and their passion for all things tech.

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at code or you’ve got ideas for a new gaming platform, contact


Northern Power Women

Simone Roche founded Northern Power Women out of a passion to connect and engage with people about gender equality. The collaborative campaign aims to accelerate and celebrate role models in the North West with its annual awards ceremony, held in Manchester this month.

Winners are profiled and their stories are shared to inspire other individuals and businesses to step up. NPW also feature a Power list and a Future list, which highlight “the ones to watch” — current and future changemakers, leaders and influencers. 
 To find out more about the awards ceremony, visit



The Women’s Organisation

As the largest developer and deliverer of training and support for women in the UK. The Women’s Organisation work with women of all ages from diverse communities and backgrounds across the North West, and provide access to funding and facilities, as well as experience and expertise that they need to succeed.

Based in the Baltic Triangle, The Women’s Org offer professional advice and support, projects, partnerships, as well as courses and workshops ranging from utilising social media for business to understanding tax.
 To sign-up for one of their innovative courses, visit


The Climbing Hangar

The Climing Hangar have a specific policy of encouraging female participation in climbing, and currently have 43% female climbers attend. 
The Women’s Climbing Symposium (WCS) started at the Liverpool climbing wall back in 2011 in response to a study into how men and women think differently about climbing. Ran by top athletes Steph Meysner and Shauna Coxsey, the aim of the event was to celebrate women’s involvement in a male-dominated sport, open up the community and give female climbers a place to develop their skills and encourage others.

The Climbing Hangar are currently in collaboration with Thisgirlcan: set to host a series of events to encourage mums and daughters to climb together.



Based at the top of Bold Street, WHISC is a charity dedicated to improving the health and well-being of women and their families. Established in 1984, our experienced and professional team can offer an extensive range of information, support, treatments and guidance services and they guarantee a warm and friendly welcome. Offering free confidential services such as a health information drop-in, “listening ear” sessions, support groups, counselling, relaxation classes, pregnancy testing, exercise classes, and holistic treatments.

To sign up to one of their free course or find out more about service available click here


Nourish Ladies Gym

A female-only health club based in Hatton Garden with a gym, spa and yoga studio for fitness & dance classes, as well as beauty treatment rooms, nail spa & hairdressers.

Director Grace McGinnis has created a concept which fits a hole in the market for females to feel comfortable and empowered in a safe and encouraging space.

Grace will be holding a stall at our IWD event so why have a chat to find out more, treat yourself! If you can’t make it check out their website:

International Women’s Day takes place at Launch22 on Wednesday 8th March from 8am until 8pm. Get your tickets here:

March Member of the Month

Jackson of Newsham Media is our member of the month! He's been through a roller-coaster ride of decisions and has finally got himself on his feet and started his own business. Read below to find out what he's been through and what's lined up for him in the future!

How did you get into digital marketing?

It was a bit of an accident actually! I was at John Moores university about to do a placement year when I saw an advert for a search optimisation marketing assistant at, what was then, Mede investment in Manchester. I had no idea what search optimisation was but I had already done an accountancy degree at university. If I didn’t take this job I would have to extend another year of university totalling 5 years and that didn’t really tickle my fancy. So I did this interview, as my girlfriend was pulling my arm to, and now I have basically been doing it ever since 2011!


How long have you been working at your business?

Officially it launched in October but I’ve been working full time for 7 weeks now!


Wow, so it’s a brand new company! How do you feel about setting up camp in Launch22 since you’ve started full time?

I was looking for somewhere to work - I couldn’t work at home because it’s way too comfy so I needed somewhere to work that was motivating. I was going to go to the Baltic but Launch22 is way more convenient. It’s a great space; I get internet, I get to meet people and it’s not expensive so it’s perfect. Even if you’re looking to scale quickly there’s so much desk space which allows an option for actual office space.


Is that something in the pipeline, to expand?

I’d like to think so, absolutely. I’m still learning the business side of things so it is very new to me but there’s a few things in the pipeline at the minute. I have a friend who is looking for a career change, who used to be in sales but isn’t any more so there is potential to employ. I always imagined that the first person I can employ, if it gets to that stage (touch wood), would be someone to do what I do so I wouldn’t have to do it anymore. Yet I’ve quite quickly found out that I enjoy doing what I do rather than sitting on LinkedIn all day.


So we have chosen you for member of the month at Launch22, how do you feel about this?

Apparently, I get involved quite a lot which is not something I have been known for in the past! I think starting a business has made me realise that you have to get out there – I spent 5 months in my notice period writing blog posts everyday on paid search optimisation. I quickly realised they take too long to write and there are so many out there which makes it harder to cut through, and so now I make videos. After those 5 months I realised that I should have been out networking and meeting people. In my current position, I want to do a talk for the Talk22 event which sounds really interesting. I’ve been offering to do one for a little bit now – if I could do one now and look back at it, say in three months, and reflect on the journey that I’ve been through and compare it to the person I used to be.


Well we look forward to your talk22 event!

As do I!


So, 7 weeks isn’t a long time but, have you had any career highs within the launch of your business?

Getting good feedback from clients is always nice – we’ve have some positive feedback and good results. That sort of tends to be the limit of what I get proud of so far. This may sound cheesy but it’s amazing learning something new and I really am enjoying what I’m doing. I never thought I’d start a business but I always spoke about doing it. Handing my notice in to a job that I really liked and taking the plunge to open my business was something totally new.


So that was that the ultimate point of return?

Yeah definitely – they all thought I was going to change my mind but I was absolutely set that I was going to go through with it! So I’m happy about that result. Naturally.


So do you feel that you’re a changed person now?

Yes, I was a bit more apprehensive towards my work ethic. I kept thinking to myself what could I possibly contribute? But now I’m pretty proud of myself putting myself out there. I now upload 3 videos a week on YouTube where I talk about paid search and I actually post them on the internet on LinkedIn and Facebook where people I know can see me doing it – so if you were to ever tell me to do all this a year ago, I’d panic haha. So I’m very proud of where I am now.

60 Seconds With...

Our latest '60 Seconds With' episode includes newest member and mentor, Neil Donald. Neil offers us a brief insight into his business and personal life which presents satisfying pockets of inspiration, wow moments and an interesting entrepreneurial perspective. A wonderful read and a pleasure to interview!

How did you start your business?

I’ve been running my business, Hotwire, for the last 7 years. Before that I’d spent 20 years working for other people. It got to a point where I was approaching 40 - I’ve got a reasonable skill set including sales/marketing - and wanted to use this for my own benefit rather than working for other people. A couple of colleagues of mine had done this kind of thing before and all of them said it’s the best thing they’d ever done. During this time I was preparing for my first marriage and thought why not just add to the workload! I just relied on my knowledge and contacts that I had built from working in previous industries.


How has your experience been since joining Launch22 in Liverpool?

I’ve been here three times in the past three weeks and I already like the business model. I’ve had associations with other accelerators informally, and with several startup organisations and this is the first time that I’ve actually put my name down officially for a mentoring program for an organisation. It’s a little disappointing because I currently reside in Manchester and Liverpool is a great city. Launch22 is a great facility and has a great business model and I think that the exciting thing about this is that it focuses on helping businesses and that’s what it’s all about! If you’re starting a business you are then cast out into the big bad world and it’s an ‘off-you-go-and-get-successful’ scenario. But L22 offers a stable base and fills the missing link which offers a positive environment when working in a young company.


So do you think that keeping a healthy, not necessarily professional, relationship between businesses is important?

 That’s important, and again, the other positive thing about this is that you can have start-up businesses and even established businesses to offer support to each other. If you sit with other people who are in a similar position as yourself, then this will help you learn. There are many aspects of business that need a lot of attention and where you need to build momentum. This is wonderful place to do such a thing. But at the end of the day, it’s about generating a revenue stream.

Is that what drives you?

I can only speak for myself personally - My business is a lifestyle business and I am very proud of that. I earn less money now than I used to working for corporates. But I have a fantastic work life balance and I have more than enough money to do everything that I want to do. I’m never going to be a billionaire, nor a millionaire but I’m not interested in that because I love what I do. Being involved and talking to people is what I do, albeit their clients, their colleagues, their friends. Managing the time spent with these sort of people and working impacts the work life balance. That is the beauty of what I do now.


You seem fairly happy then!

Well, that’s probably because you caught me on a good day! I’ve just checked and the sun is shining today – so the world doesn’t seem like a bad place right now!


What's your proudest moment in your career?

Oh! Well there are many projects that I am very proud of. Like when I look back at them and think that was a great piece of work - and that’s what it’s all about – for example it’s like when Enzo Ferrari was asked what his favourite car was, he would say ‘the next one’. And that’s how it feels because we can say okay that was great, we really enjoyed that, but what can we do tomorrow? For me it’s an interesting business perspective – how can we move forward?


What do you do in your spare time?

 It’s like what I said before on how to balance my lifestyle with work. So I work Saturdays/Sundays and work at hot-desks around the country. But the counterbalance of that is that I don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time if I don’t need to be and so I’m free to work from wherever I like – working from home, on hot-desks around the country with a strong network of colleagues that I can utilise – that side is flexible. In my personal life I love to do some mountain biking along the canal, we live just off the Rochdale canal in Manchester and it really offers us a great perspective on our business lives. I’m big on snowboarding –been doing that since 1994 – but not professional unfortunately! My favourite location being Japan – love the culture, love the place. One of my personal claims to fame was having a 3-hour private lesson with Eddie the Eagle - the coolest guy ever. It was a gift from my friend but was intended as a joke, only because I said I’ve never skied before!


Finally, is there anyone that has inspired you to get you to where you are?

 For me, it’s about keeping a positive attitude – I am a big advocate for mental health and I hope to do a little presentation sometime while I am here because I believe that it is something that doesn’t get talked about enough in society, in general. Starting a business can become a very lonely place and can be a very negative space at times. Remaining positive can make all the difference. There are obvious candidates out there, such as the Bransons and the Jobs in the world but I think you can find inspiration from the smallest things and this is something that I try to cast my net over- I tend to stay away from the big business books, ones that give a formulaic attitude towards it – ‘if you do this, then it will lead to that and you will be successful’. I personally think that this is looking through the wrong end of the telescope. So, there are a lot of principles at stake for the idolisations of the Bransons and the Jobs because these are the unicorns of this world, out of the other 7 billion mere mortal people. If everyone is making these unrealistic expectations/ambitions then business today would be a very different place.


Thank you Neil!

Launch22 members can benefit from Neil’s advice and mentorship totally free of charge here at Launch22. Click here for membership options.

60 Seconds With...

Our latest ‘60 Seconds With’ feature showcases our very own Mentor, Pauline Moran! After discovering she was dyslexic on her return to University as a mature student, Pauline has dedicated herself to facilitating fellow dyslexic and right-brained dominant creatives in the world of entrepreneurship using a variety of approaches. Read about her story and what makes her tick below!

Pauline hard at work here at Launch22.

Pauline hard at work here at Launch22.

When did you first get involved in business/entrepreneurship?

I was actually an entrepreneur at the age of just six! I was always designing and making products and I would sell them to our neighbours. During the school holidays, I recruited my siblings to help with the sales and we formed our own little family industry.

Quite an early starter then! Where did you go from there?

I originally studied fashion textile design yet ended up selling graphic design in some up-market locations in London such as Covent Garden and The King’s Road. One Christmas, one of my products filled the double window display of one of London’s most well-known card shops. After getting into yoga and meditation, I decided to follow a completely different career in natural medicine- something I had dreamt about vividly as a child. I then took five years out and moved to Spain to decide exactly which health discipline I wanted to follow.

Tell us about your life abroad.

I booked an apartment in the south of Spain for six weeks which transformed into a fabulous four years in Andalusia plus a year in Italy teaching English. I had hoped to get a job in a teaching academy but within two years I had developed my own private language teaching business. I finished this break off with a five-week trip to India which was the final influence on my choice to become a naturopath.

What next?

I spent eight years at University then came home to Liverpool to crash at my Mum and Dad’s house. During the process of attempting to set up my own clinic, I recognised there was a huge gap in provision for dyslexic entrepreneurs. The facilitation I provide needs to start at school as a career option. 

What drives you?

I’m driven in my business because I am passionate about improving the opportunities and facilities available to dyslexic/ right-brained dominant entrepreneurs. Research has shown that more than one third of entrepreneurs are dyslexic. Many bright, creative kids are lost in mainstream education- I am committed to changing this!

What is your proudest career achievement?
I have two! One would be moving to Spain without a job, knowing only two words of Spanish and starting a business. Four years, later I was able to hand the enterprise over I had developed to someone else. 
The second would be finally achieving my degree in naturopathy. Converting from arts to science was a struggle for this particular right-brain dominant!

How do you relax in your spare time?

I teach meditation once a week for free as a sort of giving back gesture and it’s something I get a lot back from too. I have a good social life and particularly enjoy dining with friends. I also enjoy the social element of working with Launch22. The other real passion of mine is traveling.

Speaking of travelling, where is your dream holiday destination?

Tough question! I have three. One would be Marrakesh in Morocco and happily, two airlines have just started flying there from Liverpool. I’d also love to visit Belize as I have friends there. Finally, Venice during the quiet season for its culture and promised romance!

Launch22 members can benefit from Pauline’s advice and mentorship totally free of charge here at Launch 22. Click here for membership options!





February Member of the Month

Our member in the spotlight this month is photographer Tim Collins, whose ‘Amsterdam Photo Safari’ has been featured in National Geographic’s 2017 Cool List!  

We sat down to talk with Tim about his photography and business:

S: How did you get started with photography and your business?

T: “Well, when I was growing up I never thought something like that was possible. Coming from a working class family getting a ‘good job’ was becoming an electrician and that never interested me. So, I went to university and studied psychotherapy because that was another ‘good job’ to go into, but when I finished that it didn’t feel right. I went to Amsterdam and I was only supposed to be there few weeks but it turned into five years!”

S: What inspired you to stay there for five years?

T: “I was inspired by everything there but I didn’t know anyone so I would just ride around on my bike discovering these amazing places, and I started to take pictures of it, of different things and people that I thought looked cool. I stumbled across this 1950s’ style Barber shop and when I looked in I could see these massive men covered in tattoos with big beards. I wanted to photograph it, I was a bit shy then but I went in asked would I be able to take some shots, they told me to come back the next day, so I did.”

S: Were you building your portfolio up by this point?

T: “I hadn’t got paid for that one, and I just carried on taking pictures of cool places in Amsterdam. I started to get a following and I guess people started to see the pictures on Facebook and I got contacted by some lifestyle editors that wanted me to take pictures for them. Then a director got in touch with me, he was making a film and wanted to know the best places in Amsterdam. I started thinking: ‘you know what this is going really well; I should do something about this.”

S: What did you do?

T: “I thought I was onto something because I was taking local people out, and they were saying how amazing it was and that they didn’t know half of these places existed. I decided to set it up as a business called Amsterdam Photo Safari. I would just take people to my favourite places in Amsterdam, not before long people from all over the world were coming! I was showing them all these places and at the same time I was getting to refine my photography. I had to stop doing the photography tours because I was getting too busy, so I brought some friends to help me out and that’s still going. It’s become so well known that it got featured in National Geographic’s 2017 Cool List!”

S: Are you working on any interesting projects that you can tell us about?

T: “I just got back from doing a photoshoot on Netflix’s The Crown; that’s for a book coming out this year. I also photographed Peter King who won an Oscar award for the make-up design on Lord of the Rings. That will all be coming out this year.”

Check out Tim’s work here and follow his Instagram to keep updated: @timcollinsphotographer 


By Sarah Nisbett

Life's A Pitch

Pitching can be tough. For many entrepreneurs, it’s the most daunting aspect they face in their career.

A perfect business plan is useless if you cannot convince others of its brilliance, hence the pitch being a fundamental part of entrepreneurial success.

Weeks, months even years of planning can come down to just two minutes in the boardroom with the line between success and failure often a fine one.

Pitching should not be feared- it should be embraced. With the right preparation and know-how there’s no reason an entrepreneur should leave a pitch feeling disappointed.

So, how do you deliver the perfect pitch and secure that vital investment? Below are some top tips from industry experts:

Be Prepared- Launch22 Mentor Charles Oddy

Pitching doesn’t just happen in boardrooms at pre-arranged times. The opportunity to sell yourself and your business can often arrive in unexpected circumstances. The impromptu pitch should certainly not be underestimated in the modern world of networking. Our very own Mentor, Charles Oddy explains that entrepreneurs are always pitching: “whether they’re in meetings, on a train or on social media, they should always be ready to engage an audience in their goals and should not be afraid to ask for support.”

Charles is one of our specialist mentors who is an experienced investment professional. He runs regular workshops at Launch22 Liverpool and you can attend these for free by becoming a member! More info here

Be Enthusiastic! — Richard Branson

Having set up his first business at the age of just 16, Richard Branson has gone on to build one of the world’s most recognisable brands. Branson hasn’t made his billions by being a shrinking violet. He explains that passion is unquestionably the secret sauce of all Virgin’s businesses. Richard draws on an example regarding Brett Godfrey whose airline launch pitch was originally dismissed by Virgin Executive staff. “What I detected in Brett during his pitch was something that the executive team had overlooked: a passionate belief in the need for and viability of what he was proposing…the passion I saw in his eyes when talking about his vision really sold me.” Branson liked the idea of the airline and launched Virgin Blue (which later became Virgin Australia) — now the country’s second biggest airline!

Know Your Audience- Sir Alan Sugar

The star of The Apprentice has seen it all when it comes to pitches and certainly isn’t afraid to put people in their place- which is why entrepreneurs should probably listen to his advice! Sir Alan explains that a little homework on the audience can go a long way when pitching: “Who are you presenting to? What are their backgrounds? Is there anything topical that you can weave into the presentation to make it relevant? Do your audience want something formal or fun? Can you involve them or just talk to them? These things make a big difference.”

Keep a Clear Head- Dragon’s Den Contestant, Jennifer Duthie

One person who knows a thing or two about pitching is Jenifer Duthie who appeared on BBC Television programme, Dragon’s Den in 2014. Jenifer kept her calm in front of a tough audience and secured her customised shoe business £60,000. She put her success down to her calmness and composure and advised others to follow this principle: “Don’t rush through your pitch. Speak slowly and pause between sentences. If you suddenly forget your pitch don’t panic just take a moment to get yourself back on track”

Keep It Short- Carrie Somer, Forbes Magazine

In the world of pitching, less if often more. Quality not quantity is the general message from people in the know- including entrepreneur and Forbes Magazine, contributor, Carrie Somer. She stresses that businessmen and women simply don’t have the time to digest complex information and waffle: “The temptation may be to include lots of information, but investors don’t have time to read a long pitch. Give them enough information to bite, but leave them wanting more.”



7 Top Reasons Why Our Members Love Launch22

7 Top Reasons Why Our Members Love Launch22

1) Inspiring Environment
The layout of the hub inspires everyone who comes in. I love the open plan working area, huge windows and chill out area.” — Ray Carr, Terrapin Global Shipping Recruitment
Our space, with its large central desk structure and breakout areas, plays a huge role in creating a collaborative environment. Our members particularly enjoy the ability to take a break and play ping-pong or table football which helps develop the sense of community...

Can Detroit follow in Shoreditch’s footsteps and become a startup hub?

Today the city has a completely different identity, spirit and community that is distinctive of all previous eras of Detroit. There’s a youthful proud spring in the step of the people who remain or have moved there and are willing to change it for the better.

Top four things I learnt from my Launch22 Internship

When I graduated from university with a degree in Biomedical Science, I didn’t have a plan for what to do next like most other graduates. I knew I didn’t want to work in a lab or continue with masters or PhDs like my classmates, so I needed to find experience elsewhere. Since I’ve always had an interest in tech and I wanted to try something completely new, I looked for roles in start-ups. When I saw the vacancy for a Marketing Intern at Launch22, I applied right away!